About Miss Milahna Heels


My passion for shoes stemmed from a very young age watching 'Dirty Dancing' (as I was a dancer myself) and in the end scene where she dances with Johnny (swoon), Baby wears this beautiful white dress and a pair of gorgeous silver T-bars. I remember every time I watched the movie I promised myself that my goal was to be able to wear the exact same pair, in what would be my future professional dancing career. Well that never happened... I did dance however, just never got to wear those beautiful silver shoes.:( But from there my love of shoes was born.


I did somehow end up buying EVERY other style of shoe!! My parents would call me Imelda (Imelda Marcos), she was known for her extravagant shoe collection that needed room upon rooms to store them all. As soon as I started earning my own money I would immediately buy a new pair.


Now that I'm a mother of 3 gorgeous girls, I don't have the luxury of spending every penny I earn on heels, and I know that I'm not the only one whose budget goes on the boring mundane things of life.


So I thought why not provide access to affordable on trend heels for the cash strapped ladies??? I know I still want to look good when I go out with my girlfriends and feel sexy, and for me a gorgeous pair of heels does that, so mmheels.com was created!! (you're welcome).


So if you too are a lover of a good heel then head on over to my range and go nuts, your confidence and bank account will thank me.


Alyce xx